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We believe that our studio should be inviting, not intimidating. That individual needs deserve individual attention, and we exist to ignite and fuel the passion in everyone who walks through our doors.

AddeoFit is a one of a kind fitness center located in Milwaukee's North Shore. We are here to push people forward, and to teach them that it is hard work and determination that leads to success... not shortcuts, not gimmicks, and not fads. Being healthy cannot be a short-term resolution; it must be a lifelong commitment to find, create, and nurture a better you.


We believe there is nothing satisfying about settling and that showing up is something our clients will never regret. So we will strive every single day to help them find their inner strength, and the beauty in every step of their journey and show them that their outer strength will always shine from the inside out.

Practice Self-Care


What’s your plan for today? When asked that question most people start listing off errands, work deadlines, chores, or plans for their children. Self-care is rarely mentioned. We sometimes feel guilty setting aside time for ourselves, but we shouldn’t! Self-care plays a vital role in stress relief and staying healthy, especially when many of us… Read more »

Maintaining Mobility and Flexibility from Home


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling very stiff due to sitting around during quarantine. I go on multiple walks and exercise every day, but my muscles are still tense. Our bodies aren’t designed to be inactive. I’ve started implementing a daily flexibility and mobility routine to loosen up. It’s also a nice way… Read more »

Stay Connected


One of the biggest reasons I love AddeoFit is the community. Every time you walk through the door you see clients supporting and motivating one another with smiles on their faces. Not being able to go into the gym due to the coronavirus is difficult for all of us. However, we can still stay connected… Read more »

AddeoFit MKE

5055 Lydell Avenue
Suite 1
Glendale, WI 53217

Hours of Operation
Mon - Thu: 5am - 7:30pm
Friday: 5am - 1:30pm
Saturday: 7:45am - 1pm
Sunday: 7:45am - 12pm