Instead of Hanging On, Let Go and Grab the Next Set of Bars!


I was never really a fitness or gym guy, but I have always enjoyed being active. I am one of those guys that could probably lift weights for years and add a little mass, but it would take the commitment of a bodybuilder to see a big change. Trust me, I have a brother-in-law that I swear every time he lifts his water bottle he cracks a new muscle! Lucky guy.


I have always enjoyed the outdoors; fishing, hunting, mountain biking, hiking, camping . . .  you get the idea. I took advantage of the amazing Kettle Moraine area with roommates through college. A perfect Saturday morning consisted of staying ahead of the swarm of mosquitoes that would carry you away if you stopped, while you were chewing up hills and trying to keep at least one wheel connected on a fieldstone washboard downhill that was trying to kick you to the woods.


I found having that “something” is a great motivator. Your something could be just you, your health, your significant other, a life event, whatever it is get one and do it! For me it was a 40 mile mountain bike race through the Chequamegon Forrest. That was my thing and where this began for me.


It was the Winter before the event and I thought I would try finding a way to maintain that Kettle Moraine progress from the Fall. I found a small studio on the north side of Milwaukee that offered an indoor cycling class. I thought I would give it a shot. After that first class I was sold. Great music, amazing energy with a committed group of people and someone to inspire and take me through the paces. Wow how 45 minutes of never moving an inch can make an impact. Yes, indoor cycling was different, but man did I get some good work in. That was over 20 years ago.


For me, it is now really about moving onto the next thing. I have since graduated from those washboards in the Kettles. I have moved to a road bike. Work, family and a few too many outdoor activities along with pushing a body that is no longer in its twenties or thirties (honestly, barely hanging onto the forties) needed to find another way. Indoor cycling has done this for me. I have also discovered that I really like helping others get motivated and enjoy the ride as much as I do. So a number of years ago I got certified and moved to the front of the room. It has been great see others work to their “something” and leave with a smile on their face! It has been especially rewarding when they can actually measure their progress. Some riders are shocked that they can track and record their ride and see improved over weeks and months.  Indoor cycling has come a long way since I first began. Speaking of that, the person that motivated me in that class over 20 years ago, well her name was Sarah!





Randy started indoor cycling when it first hit Milwaukee. He found it a great way to train in the off-season for mountain bike races, and a solid cardio workout. What better way to burn some calories (Kcals) then listening to some great tunes with a group of hard working people. In 2009, Randy became certified to be a CycleOps Power Training instructor through Saris followed by a Matrix IC7 Coach by Color certification. His most recent certification has been on the Stages Indoor Cycling bikes that bring a whole new level of riding indoors. The beauty of training with power is that you get immediate response and can set and achieve your own personal fitness goals. Whether you have been cycling for years or it is your first time, he’ll get you setup and on your way. Randy’s favorite fitness quote is “You can’t change what you can’t measure”. You will find everything from Hip Hop to Alternative, New Age to Country, on his iPod. He is a true believer in great music combined with a great attitude makes for a great ride!st Aid certified, and is an active NSCA member. Capper’s ability to inspire his clients, students and athletes to “perform,” whatever their personal fitness level might be, is uncanny.

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