Surviving Breast Cancer Through Early Detection

Written By: Mary Jo Mansell, AddeoFit Member


5 years! Anyone who has had cancer knows what that means. It’s a big marker to get to cancer free, and I just had my 5 year anniversary this past May.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2013. I was lucky because I was diagnosed early during a routine mammogram. We had no history of cancer in my family so I was in complete shock when I got that call. My daughter was getting married in three months and of course I didn’t want anything to spoil her day . Especially cancer. I can say having a great health care team and supporting family and friends got me through that tough time.


The statistics say that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. With five daughters in our family I hope I was our one.


I said earlier that I was lucky because I was diagnosed early during my annual exam. As I think about that though, I was diagnosed early because I did do annual exams. I know you have heard it before but please take the time to get your own annual mammogram I am a walking testament to why that is so important. I had a very aggressive form of breast cancer and had I not gotten my annual mammogram my cancer would have been much farther advanced before being detected.


I would also everyone to work at staying active and healthy to the best of your ability. Do whatever you can to keep your own fitness as one of your priorities in life! I have always been an active person and I am sure that helped in my own recovery.


Mary Jo Mansell, AddeoFit Member

Mary Jo Mansell is an AddeoFit member and mother to five daughters. She hopes that sharing her story will inspire others to become advocates for annual mammograms and early detection of Breast Cancer.

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