A Trek of Bravery, Strength and Honor: Liz’s Story

Written By: Elizabeth Westlake


There are very few places that we can still think of that are unreachable, timeless and unforgiving.  We can travel to so many places and climb mountains, go zip lining in forests, even jump out of airplanes – but to say the Sahara Desert conjures up, to lots of us, the image of a forbidding endless desert with gorges, dunes and possible oases.  The idea to do something like this – to put myself to the test – has been tempting for a while.  To do this and raise money for a worthwhile cause and at the same time mentally and physically push myself every day for 5 days is to prove to myself what I can do, while I still can.  The temperature will be hot, and at midday we will have to rest, but for 7 hours a day I will be trekking the desert with 5 other challengers (and a designated doctor) along with some guides to raise money for the brain cancer charity.
I am definitely excited about this adventure – the final days will be tough but I have enough determination to do this and thank AddeoFit for getting my body and mind ready for this challenge.
Please click on the link below and give what you can to help find a cure to this cruel disease – every penny counts. All the money I raise for the charity goes direct to them as I am funding this trip myself.


Elizabeth Westlake

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