Month: February 2020

Complete Protein

From animal-based to plant-based there is an abundance of sources to choose from to meet your protein needs. These choices can be categorized as “complete” or “incomplete” proteins.  A complete protein contains all nine essential amino acids necessary to your diet. The human body uses these amino acids as building blocks to make protein vital… Read more »

Back-up Bodyweight Workout

Sometimes getting to the gym just isn’t in the cards for the day. You may have to stay home because your child is sick, you’re traveling for work, or your schedule is completely booked. Squeezing in a 30-minute bodyweight workout is a great solution for times like these. You can do the following workout anywhere…. Read more »

Clarifying Carbs

Carbohydrates (carbs) are often talked about like the enemy. When in fact, they are vital to your diet. Carbs give you energy, improve digestion, promote heart health, and help control hunger. As your body’s main source of fuel, it is essential to consume enough carbs to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Contrary to what many… Read more »

Meal Prep 101

There’s a long list of benefits for meal preparation from saving money to healthier eating habits. Most people are aware of the advantages, but don’t believe they have enough time. In reality, meal prep saves you time! Think of how much effort you put into making breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus snacks. I cook almost all… Read more »